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Fan Fiction: The Hobbit (NC-17)

Title: Durinson's Coffee
Pairing/Characters: Ori, Dwalin; Ori/Dwalin
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: The Hobbit
Word Count: 1,577
Spoilers: Not really.
Summary: Time for lovely sexytimes.
Notes/Warnings: Continuation of the coffee shop!au. Smutty smut. That's it. No beta.

Durinson's Coffee

"Dwalin?" Ori had expected Dwalin to begin touching him, but he hadn't expected him to be so gentle with him.

The older man looked up to meet Ori's eyes and his breath caught at the tenderness on Dwalin's face. "Yes?"

"I'm not made of glass, you know." He preferred a firmer touch.

An eyebrow quirking up, Dwalin slid his hand up from Ori's stomach to his right nipple, tugging on the barbell through it. Ori gasped, his cock twitching at the sensation. "Like that?"

"God, yes." Ori leaned forward to kiss and nip Dwalin's neck, biting the spot that had gotten such a reaction out of him earlier.

Dwalin's groan vibrated in his chest. Ori couldn't stop the smug grin that spread across his face. He didn't get much of a chance to be pleased with himself, because Dwalin gently pushed him onto his back and dipped his head down to take Ori's nipple in his mouth, worrying the piercing with his tongue. He arched his back as sparks seemed to shoot from his nipple to his groin, gripping Dwalin's arms tightly. He gasped for breath when Dwalin lifted his head with a smug grin of his own. "Hmm, I guess the rumors about piercings making your nipples more sensitive are true after all."

"Bastard," Ori muttered, still breathless.

A chuckle as Dwalin pressed a kiss to his stomach. "My parents were married when they had me, as Balin can attest."

"Please don't mention any of our brothers again tonight." Ori ran his fingers over Dwalin's scalp, the stubble softer than he expected.

Dwalin rested his chin on Ori's stomach, smiling. "Deal."

Smiling back, Ori cupped one hand around the back of Dwalin's head and tugged him up for another kiss, his free hand sliding over muscles and tattooed skin greedily. With some effort, he managed to push Dwalin onto his back. Rather than lay on his side facing him, Ori shifted to straddle Dwalin's muscular thighs, his cock bobbing with the movement. Nervous yet determined, he wrapped one hand around Dwalin's cock. He watched with growing confidence as Dwalin tilted his head back into the pillows, big hands stroking Ori's thighs restlessly. He paused after a few strokes. Something was missing. He caught one of Dwalin's hands in his. "Lube?"

"Got it in here." Freeing his hand reluctantly, Dwalin opened the nightstand and dug around for a moment. He pulled out a familiar tube and presented it to Ori.

He accepted the lube and kissed Dwalin's palm. Grinning, Dwalin went back to stroking Ori's thighs as he squirted a generous amount onto his palm. This time, his hand slid easily up and down Dwalin's cock. He watched Dwalin's face intently as he stroked him, so focused on pleasing him that he didn't even think of his own pleasure. Not until a big hand wrapped around his cock, sending sparks of pleasure through him that made his toes curl. "Oh!"

When he looked at Dwalin, he was grinning. He picked up the lube and squirted some onto his hand. Ori gasped when Dwalin began stroking him in earnest, hips arching into the touch. He barely noticed when the other big hand tugged at his hip, urging him forward. Both of them gasped when Ori's cock slid along Dwalin's. Wanting more of that intense sensation, he did it again. This time Ori groaned and he felt Dwalin grip his hips tightly. It didn't feel quite right, though. He bit his lip in concentration, nudging his way between Dwalin's legs. When he moved again, it was like lightning down his spine. Dwalin growled, his hands almost painfully tight on Ori's hips. "More."

"Yes." Instinct took over, Ori's hips rolling and grinding against Dwalin's almost of their own accord. He hardly noticed when Dwalin released one of his hips to pour more lube over their cocks. When Dwalin wrapped his hand around both of their cocks, he certainly noticed then, crying out. His movements sped up and grew faster as the pleasure seemed to coil at the base of his spine, just out of reach. Then Dwalin reached up with his free hand to tug at his nipple piercing and that did it, that tipped him over the edge.

* * *

Dwalin watched as Ori arched his back, white cum spilling over Dwalin's fist in spurts. As Ori slowly relaxed, slim chest heaving, Dwalin stroked a few more times, stripping the last of his seed. Ori moaned, feebly pulling away. Heavy-lidded brown eyes met Dwalin's gray ones as Ori smiled lazily at him. "Your turn."

It didn't take many more strokes of Ori's hand for Dwalin to come. As he gasped for breath, Ori stretched out beside him, half-asleep already. He nudged his lover. "Don't fall asleep yet. You're a mess."

"Mmm, sleep." Ori sighed deeply.

"Wake up." He gently nudged the lad, but he didn't open his eyes.

Amused, he retrieved the tissues from the nightstand and took his time cleaning up Ori's pale, unmarked skin. Though he stretched under the attention, he didn't wake up. Dwalin cleaned himself up and tossed the used tissues in the trashcan with the others. Smiling contentedly, he pulled the covers up and over them. When he wrapped his arms around Ori, the lad curled into him as if he'd been doing it all his life. Letting out a contented sigh, Dwalin let himself drift off to sleep.

He woke early in the morning to the feel of Ori rutting against his hip in his sleep. Tossing the covers back, Dwalin shifted around so he could lick Ori's cock. The lad moaned and Dwalin kissed the head. He liked the taste of cock and the feel of it heavy and hard on his tongue. When Ori bucked his hips, Dwalin opened his mouth and swallowed down his cock. Another moan from Ori as Dwalin hollowed his cheeks, increasing the suction. He wasn't the sort to brag, but his previous partners had never had any cause to complain about his cocksucking skills and it sounded like Ori wouldn't have any complaints either. As Ori's hips moved faster, his moans and sighs of pleasure increasing in volume, Dwalin wrapped his hands around the slender hips, keeping them steady. Remembering what had seemed to set Ori off the previous night, Dwalin reached up and tugged lightly on the barbell through Ori's nipple. He was rewarded with a gush of seed down his throat that he swallowed happily. Wiping his mouth as he sat up, he smiled when he saw Ori staring at him with wide eyes. "Good morning."

"Morning." Ori stared at him as he settled back against the pillows.

Dwalin raised an eyebrow at him. "What?"

"Did you just give me a blowjob while I was sleeping?" The lad sounded incredulous.

He nodded, amused. "I did. You were having a wet dream, so I decided to help you out."

"Wake me up next time, please." Ori traced the tattoo on Dwalin's chest. "I can't enjoy it properly if I'm sleeping through it."

Dwalin laughed and nodded again. "I will, I promise."

"Good." Ori turned his attention to the task of returning the favor, though Dwalin was too big to fit in his mouth comfortably.

He greatly appreciated the effort, however, and rewarded Ori much as he'd been rewarded, though the load was a bit more than Ori could cope with and ended up dribbling out of the corners of his mouth. Dwalin tugged him up so he could lick it off his chin and cheeks. He glanced down at the feel of something poking his hip and smiled fondly. "Again?"

"I liked giving you pleasure," Ori told him, ducking his head shyly.

"Nothing wrong with that." Dwalin tilted his head up for another kiss. "Would you like to enjoy a blowjob properly this time?"

Ori nodded eagerly. "Yes, please!"

"All right, let me get into position here." Dwalin piled the pillows against the headboard and shifted so he could comfortably lean back against them. "Now, put your knees on either side of my hips and hold onto the headboard."

Once Ori was in position, Dwalin proceeded to suck him off with all the skills he'd honed over the years. When he sensed that Ori was about to come, he backed off, gently rubbing circles on his hips and ass. "Why'd you stop?"

"Trust me, the denial will make it that much better." Dwalin smiled reassuringly up at him.

Ori looked skeptical, but didn't protest further. He simply leaned down and kissed the top of Dwalin's head. When he judged Ori had had enough time to recover, Dwalin proceeded to wind him again and back off again. Though Ori made a frustrated sound, he didn't protest that time. He took Ori to the edge several more times, enjoying the way Ori begged him to let him come, growing more desperate each time. Finally, Dwalin decided he'd teased Ori enough did his level best to suck his brains out through his cock. Ori climaxed with a loud cry, only held up by Dwalin's hands on hips once it passed. He slowly lowered him to the bed, Ori feebly clutching at his arms. "You were right."

"Told you." Dwalin kissed his forehead. "Go to sleep. It's too early to get up."

Ori sighed deeply and his grip on Dwalin slowly relaxed. He cleaned both of them up again and drew Ori into his arms, drifting off contentedly.

Tags: fanfic: tolkien, fanfic: tolkien - coffee
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