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Fan Fiction: The Hobbit (R)

Title: Durinson's Coffee
Pairing/Characters: Ori, Balin, Dwalin, Bard; Ori/Dwalin
Rating: R
Fandom: The Hobbit
Word Count: 1,427
Spoilers: Not really.
Summary: Jumping ahead several months.
Notes/Warnings: Continuation of the coffee shop!au. Dun, dun, DUN! Plot complication. No beta.

Durinson's Coffee

By now, waking up with Dwalin didn't surprise Ori. He quite liked it, to tell the truth. Confronted with Balin the morning after, however, was a new experience that left Ori red-faced and stuttering. "G-good morning."

"Good morning, lad." Balin smiled warmly at Ori, as if he didn't notice that all Ori wore at the moment was Dwalin's shirt from the day before and his boxers. "Have a seat. I made pancakes this morning."

Still blushing, Ori sat down at the table, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. "I, um, hope we weren't t-too, um, noisy last night. I d-didn't mean to--"

"Don't worry about it." Balin finished transferring a stack of pancakes to a plate and set it front of Ori, indicating the butter and syrup in the middle of the table. "Just means you two made each other very happy."

He nodded vigorously as he began spreading the butter over the pancakes. "Oh! Yes, Dwalin made me very happy and I hope I d-did the same for him."

"That you did, lad." The sound of Dwalin's voice almost made Ori squeak in surprise and drop his knife. He kissed the top of Ori's head and slid into the chair beside his. "Very happy."

The plate Balin put in front of his brother contained a larger stack than Ori's. "There, all settled now. Nothing to be worried about."

"Thank you, Balin." Ori finally started to relax, since it was clear that Balin wouldn't start teasing them. He paused and looked up worriedly. "You won't tell Dori, will you?"

Sitting down with his own plate of pancakes, Balin shook his head. "I won't. It's up to you to tell him, though I suggest you do it soon. He cares about you, lad. That's why he fusses so much."

"I know he cares, but I'd like it better if he didn't fuss quite so much," Ori muttered, grabbing the syrup to pour it over each of his pancakes in turn.

He looked up when a big hand covered his, Dwalin's face sympathetic. "Tell him that. Help him understand that there are other ways he can show he cares."

"I can only distract him so much, you know," Balin added cheerfully from where he was preparing his own pancakes.

Ori's blush came back full force at the reminder that Balin was dating Dori. "You, um, don't mind dating him?"

"Not in the slightest." Balin smiled reassuringly at him. "I'd have wanted to date him anyway, whether it would have helped the two you or not."

He smiled, relieved to hear it. "Good, I'm glad. I want you two to be happy." He tried to look stern. "And if you break my brother's heart, I will come after you and it won't be pretty."

"I understand and I hope you know the same goes for you and my brother." Balin was completely serious and Ori nodded.

Both of them turned at the sound of a suppressed snort from Dwalin. "I'm sorry, but neither of you can look properly threatening."

"Neither of us are big, broad, and muscular, either," Ori reminded his lover with a pointed look at his bare chest. Dwalin had only put on a pair of sweatpants and Ori rather liked it.

Dwalin, in reply, gave him a sultry look that made Ori glad they were seated at a table that hid the way his cock twitched with interest. "You like me big, broad, and muscular, though."

"Save the flirting for later, please," Balin requested with a long-suffering sigh.

Ori blushed and turned his attention to his pancakes. His cock twitched again at Dwalin's low, rumbling chuckle.

* * *

They settled into a routine after their first night together. On the days they worked together, they'd often leave together either for the house Dwalin shared with Balin or for Ori's little apartment. Personally, Dwalin preferred Ori's apartment because they had a bit more privacy. Some days, they were so hungry for each other that they barely got in the door before they were all over each other, kissing hungrily and tearing at each other's clothes. Other days, they spent some time cuddling and talking before they inevitably began kissing and petting, which then led them to the bedroom.

When they didn't work together, Dwalin would run errands and generally keep himself busy until Ori got off work. He always picked Ori up and took him home. He could only assume that Ori did something similar while Dwalin worked. Whatever he did, he was always waiting for Dwalin when he finished his shift, ready to go home with him.

The days Dwalin liked best, however, were the days they both had off from work. He'd wake up slowly, Ori curled up comfortably in his arms. They'd share lazy kisses at first, fingers tracing intricate patterns across sleep-warm skin. Slowly, the caresses would slide down to hardening cocks, stroking them to full hardness. Then it was a toss-up over who would fuck whom. Ori liked when Dwalin fucked him, hands tight enough on his hips to bruise. He'd been horrified the first morning when they went back to bed to find bruises on Ori's hips, but the lad had explained that he liked that Dwalin had so forgotten himself in his passion that he'd gripped him so tightly, so Dwalin was less careful in the future. Dwalin liked it when Ori fucked him, too, plowing into him until he forgot everything except the cock inside him and the pleasure Ori was giving him.

Whatever they decided to do, after they'd caught their breath, they'd drag themselves from the bed and shower together. Showing together usually resulted in them teasing and touching each other until they completely forgot about cleaning up and had their way with each other until the water ran cold. Only then did they get out and get dressed.

After several months of this routine, a change occurred with the transition from spring to summer. Dwalin and Balin hosted a barbecue for everyone employed at Durinson's Coffee. They held it at their house and, after lunch, with the day heating up, most of them transitioned to the pool, particularly the children. The doorbell rang while Dwalin refilled the snack trays, with help from Ori that mostly consisted of stealing both kisses and bites of food. "If you're not going to actually help, why don't you go answer the door?"

"Fine." Ori stole one last kiss before heading off to do as Dwalin asked. He paused in his task long enough to admire the way Ori's boardshorts clung to his ass and legs while they were damp.

He'd just handed the trays off to Balin when Ori returned, looking confused. Dwalin raised his eyebrows at him. "Who was it?"

"Someone for you. He said it's important." Ori caught the hand Dwalin held out to him and kissed the palm.

"Let's go find out what he wants." Still holding Ori's hand in his, Dwalin went into the living room.

A man in a business suit got to his feet when they entered. He smiled and extended his hand to Dwalin, surprise flashing briefly across his face when he noticed Ori as well. "Mr. Fundinson. I apologize for disturbing you, but a situation has come up that needs to be addressed."

"I'm listening." Dwalin gestured for the man to resume his seat while he and Ori sat down opposite him.

"This is a rather delicate situation." The man eyed Ori doubtfully. "I'm not sure that anyone else should be here."

Dwalin slid his arm around Ori's waist when the lad moved to get up, growling, "Ori is my partner. Whatever you have to say, you can say to both of us."

"Very well." The man held up his hands. "I'm Bard Girionson and it's my unfortunate duty to tell you that Lana Drayson died in a car accident recently."

His grip on Ori's side tightened convulsively at the news, feeling as if he'd been punched in the gut. Dwalin vaguely felt Ori turn and wrap his arms around him, slender arms tight around his waist. His voice gruff from the effort to keep his emotions in check, Dwalin asked, "Why are you telling me this? Lana was years ago. We both moved on."

"Fifteen years ago, apparently." Bard looked grim, yet sympathetic. "And she gave birth to a son a little over fourteen years ago: Ruan. On his birth certificate, she listed you as his father."

"Me?" Dwalin stared, not sure he'd heard that right.

Bard nodded. "You."

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