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Fanfiction: A Bit of Fry and Laurie (PG)

Title: Reflections
Pairing/Characters: Friedrich von Stoltz; Eric/Friedrich
Rating: PG
Fandom: A Bit of Fry and Laurie
Word Count: 222
Spoilers: For the Major Donaldson sketch
Summary: Friedrich does some thinking.
Notes/Warnings: Rating for implication of death. Written as a birthday present for skyblue_reverie. Beta by zekkass.


Even many years after the fact, Friedrich von Stoltz would never understand how he had gone from a loyal, up-and-coming SS officer in the Nazi Party to an exile in Switzerland. It all had to do with the ridiculous British prisoner he'd been assigned to interrogate. It had started much the same as all the interrogations he'd performed, up to the moment when "Donaldson, Eric, Major" looked up and saw him. After that, the 'stiff upper lip' the English were famous for disappeared and was replaced by the most outrageous sentimentality Friedrich had ever heard, let alone had directed at him.

Still, it had been flattering to have such attentions directed at him. Normally, Friedrich was the one who did the chasing. It had been nice to be chased for once. It had been a little odd at first, but still very nice. Though Eric's propensity for flowery sentiment had been annoying and frustrating at first, it had grown on Friedrich. Now, he couldn't imagine not hearing the absurd pet names his darling Englishman insisted on using or hearing the elaborately ridiculous compliments he would bestow at any moment.

As he held his Englishman in his arms one last time, Friedrich reflected that he would have plenty of time to get used to not hearing silly pet names or ridiculous compliments again.

Tags: fanfic: abofal
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