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Drabble: Master and Commander (G)

Title: Failure
Pairing/Characters: Surprise!
Rating: G
Fandom: Master and Commander (movie)
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: For the movie
Summary: That would be telling...
Notes/Warnings: Written for a challenge at mandc100: Choose a character and write his/her story completely in the first person. Try not to tell us directly who the person is, but give us enough clues that we can guess.. Beta by mylodon.


I joined the Royal Navy to please my father and stayed to help fight the French. That despite the fact that I much prefer dry land, I do not like the constant movement of a ship at sea or even at anchor. It gives an alarming impression of instability when stability is preferred. Besides, no matter which ship I am assigned, the men never seem to trust me. Nothing I try works. Looking back, I see a lifetime of failure. This is only the latest. I can do something about it, though. I say good-bye to Will and I jump.

Tags: drabble, fanfic: m&c

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