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The purpose of this community is to have a place to post my stories when there is no other community to post them. If I have posted them elsewhere, I will post a link to that other entry.

I will also be posting icons and other graphics availble for snagging here. Please remember to credit feline_artistry somewhere when you use one of my graphics. IF I HAVEN'T POSTED AN ICON OR GRAPHIC HERE, IT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR OTHERS TO SNAG.

This is a closed community, but feel free to friend it. Please keep in mind that I am a poor, starving college student and there may be times when I won't be able to post anything for long periods of time. Just be patient with me.

Nominated at numb3rs_awards:

icon by midnighta
The Smart and Sassy Series (Larry/Megan; G-PG-13)
A Christmas Together (Larry/Megan; G-PG-13)

icon by paranoid_woman
Baseball (Don/Ian; PG-13)
Secrets Revealed (Larry/Megan; G)
Being There (Larry/Megan; PG)
Taking Care (Larry/Megan; PG-13)
Secrets Revealed, Broken, and Unexpected Visitor (Larry/Megan; G)
I won an award!

Icon by mustangcandi
Lying (Larry/Megan; PG)
Two Faiths? (Larry/Megan; G)
Birth of a Partnership (Charlie, Oswald, Ray; PG-13)
The Principal's Office (Eppes family; PG)
Leaving the Path (Larry/Megan; PG; Isaac Fleinhardt)

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